Casual Encounters with Lace

Thanks to the Fashion Gods, Lace is no longer reserved for lingerie, formal wear, or tablecloths – more and more lace is appearing in our casual chill-wear.  See the beautiful lace pieces from Tadashi Shoji’s Spring 2013 collection…Yummy!

Tadashi Shoji_OCEAN-MIST Tadashi Shoji_DESERT_BLOOM

Coming down from the Mount Olympus of fashion to something more attainable….Ardene has a really fun and playful spring collection that mostly caters to girls but there are a few pieces that any twenty or thirty something can pull off.  Not only does lace bring a soft and sexy touch to any garment, it can turn a boring tee into a super cute something-special-I-think-I’m-gonna-wear-this-out-tonight tee!  Among Ardene’s great finds I bought these two tops.

The first is a white capped sleeve t-shirt with a pink and blue ekat/tribal pattern (Ardene $11.99).  The entire back of the t-shirt is an open white lace with three tear drop peek-a-boos just below the neck.  The question is, what do you wear underneath? well you have two good options.  Either you can wear a tank top (white or pink), or you can wear a pink or blue bra to match the pattern on the front.  If you’re going to go with the bra, it would be most appropriate either for a casual sunny day (not for work) or a warm summer night out.  As for bottoms, I wear this top with jean/blue shorts or skinny jeans in a medium blue (light washed denim would not work as well).  The second top is a three quarter sleeve mint green t-shirt (Ardene $7.99).  This top is quite conservative in the front with a crew neck.  The entire back is a sweet floral lace.  This lace is less transparent than the other so you can get away with wearing a white or nude bra without much showing. I  challenge you to have a casual encounter with lace this season!

Green Back Ekat Back


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