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Every vacation or trip presents the opportunity to shop – we all know this.  I just got back from a fabulous and cozy ski trip to Ellicottville, NY – highly recommended!  Since I live in the city I didn’t have much by way of heavy duty snow gear and this was my chance to shop a whole new apparel category.

My shopping list included:

  1. Heavy Duty Winter Boots – Aldo Shoes $90.00
  2. Powder Room Ski Jacket – Corbetts Outlet $89.99
  3. Element Uber Warm Hat – Corbetts Outlet $4.99

What I realized very quickly was that shopping this category presented an inner struggle.  I knew I needed the warmest and most durable but my inner fashionista was cheering for cute and fashionable…not always possible in the same product.  So I resolved, just this once, to look for function over fashion…I know this is sacrilege.  I just about went everywhere to find heavy duty snow boots and simply could not find the right pair.  I went to The Bay, Sears, and Browns and found beautiful Pajar boots but of course they did not have my size which was probably a good thing since they were quite expensive.  Finally, I came to my senses and visited the store where I purchase almost all of my shoes (d’uh!!)  Aldo Shoes!! and found a perfectly functional pair that will do the trick – love the red stripe and fur trim.  As for my jacket and hat a dear friend (now dearer) told me about Corbetts Outlet that sells all brand name ski/snowboarding gear for great prices.

As a reward for my strict focus on function over fashion I found that my favourite H&M scarf made for a perfect match – poetic!

Now for a quick word on my experience – Ellicottville is a sweet little town in New York state which basically operates around its greatest feature – Holiday Valley – an amazing  and beautifully scenic range of slopes for all skill levels.  As per usual, I totally owned the Bunny Hill and walked away in one piece and eager to tell the tale.  All in all my vacation was relaxing and fun – from the quiet namaste moments on the ski lift to the apres ski drinks with friends, to the cozy nights in our sweet lodge (Kelly House Lodge –  Ahhh I am now ready and pumped for the New Year! Bring it!

Aldo winter bootselement beanie


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