New Year’s Nails

There are endless options for the perfect mani to ring in the New Year – especially with the recent influx of sparkly and patterned nail polish options.  My two favorite brands continue to be Essie and OPI.  To do it right, I have a mani/pedi booked at my favorite nail spa in the city Nails & Me.

The 2013 nail trends include a lot of black and white patterns.  The big trend colours such as emerald and the metallics are also having a strong presence in the nail colour pallette. So what to pick??

I know I want to do an accent nail (ring fingers) so I need to pick 2 complimentary colours…I went to the Essie and OPI web sites for inspiration and here the two collections I will be selecting from…here are my faves, what do you think?

1. Essie 2013 Collection – Stylenomics Green with Miss Fancy Pants Grey/Taupe as accent

2. OPI Skyfall Collection – Casion Royale Purple with Goldeneye as accent

essie_2013_ (1)-1a0 SKYFALL-COLLECTION


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