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It’s a Hot Topic

Being the super-aunt that I am, I took my niece shopping because she desperately needed new boots for the season.  I love a fashion mission just as much as your next gal but my niece is 16 years old and just starting to develop her style making it difficult to find exactly what she likes…so we head to Yorkdale Shopping Center in Toronto (amazing mall, has every store you need in one place – I believe I spent at least 1/8th of my life there).  From the moment I got there I started feeling the magnetic pull of all my favourite stores – tugging at my fashion soul begging me to visit.  But NO! this trip was for my awesome niece and boots were the number one focus.  We hit up all the regulars…Aldo, B2, Spring, and then landed in Steve Madden where we found super cute grey tall boots with a slight western feel – she loved them… but this post is not about the boot shopping experience.  It’s about the small bit of magic that occurred on my way to one of the shoe stores.

We passed a store that I’ve never seen or noticed before called Hot Topic.  Ok folks, if you Google it, it will describe this store as a Teen Fashion store.  Given that I am well past my teens in number but still did not quite grow up, this store really called my name.  Standing there in front of the window I tried so hard to fight the forces of the mall magnet.  Then through the window I spotted a dress, the cutest most amazing dress ever!  That’s when I lost all resolve and told my niece that I must go in and have a closer look.  As we enter the store we are bombarded with Paramore and Twilight paraphernalia this is when I knew I was onto something…(I know, grow up, right?).  We get to the dress and it is quite possibly the most perfect manifestation of my personal style – hard and soft, goth but feminine, sweet but threatening…I just loved it.  As I gush over the dress my niece (who is maybe a bit more conservative…ok mature…than I am) gives me her famous sidelong glance wondering what possessed her level headed aunt that a minute ago was so focussed on the task at hand.

I quickly collected myself and said I’d think about it before making an impulsive purchase.  Well, I did just that, I thought about it and thought about it and couldn’t stop 😦 – that’s when you know it’s meant to be!  I happened to be in a mall with friends outside of Toronto on the weekend and I was telling them about this dress and that I can’t seem to shake it from my mind.  As the words were falling out of my mouth my jaw dropped because right there in front of me was a Hot Topic store – now if this wasn’t fate I don’t know what is.  I dashed into the store grabbed the dress in my size and hit up the change room to see if my vision of this dress would come to fruition.  After carefully pulling up the side zipper all my feelings were confirmed – this dress had to be mine.

So now the question is, when on earth would I wear a black skull dress?  I have an office job where the dress code is very conservative and professional so work is not an option.  Then it hit me, this is the perfect concert dress!  I paired it with fishnet tights and my military boots to complete the look.  However, this dress can also be amped up with black tights and high heeled or wedge ankle boots for a night out on the town.

Featured dress: Black with white skull print and lace trim, Hot Topic $59.98. Military Boots, Steve Madden $69.98, Fishnet tights, Phantom Hosiery $12.00, High Wedge Black Booties, H&M $59.95

Link to dress on Hot Topic website:


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