Blazing Trails

There’s nothing like a blazer to tidy up an outfit.  Blazers have this secret power to really impact people’s perspective of you.  Have you experienced this phenomenon? They look at you differently, suddenly believe you are more dependable and capable than you may actually be…it’s fascinating!

blazer 1 hm turquoise

On my last trip to H&M there was a fantastic sale for wooly colorful blazers.  I picked up this sweet turquoise number for only $30!! Run ladies!  The outfit ideas are endless, my personal favorite is a colourful blazer, gauzy loose fitting, white, v-neck t-shirt, and skinny jeans – you can pretty much pair a blazer with anything…even your favorite bikini – see how Lauren Conrad owned it on the cover of Allure magazine.


A blazer will raise the class level of pretty much anything you put it with – its a hit of credibility in a garment – have fun with it!


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