Fake It

Today was one of those days where I woke up and simply could not bring myself to wear ‘work-clothes’….boo hoo I know, but my office environment is particularly conservative and that just won’t do when I’m having, what I call a ‘free-spirit’ day.  So ladies, I have the perfect solution!!  I found these really cute navy skinny pants at Smart Set $56.00.  They have the same cut and fit as skinny jeans but they are not jeans…aha! see what I did there??  exactly.  They are really comfortable and have a great sheen to them that add a touch of formality.  Pair it with a basic t-shirt (for ultimate rebellion) a neat blue blazer and a printed scarf….and that my friends is how you get away with wearing ‘jeans’ and a t-shirt to work 🙂


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