The Bomber

I never truly appreciated the greatness of The Bomber…perhaps the ones I’ve tried were never quite the right fit.  I always felt like a puffed up bird.  A bomber, while not form-fitting or even feminine (considering the origins of its design) can actually be one of the sexiest items in your front closet, here’s why.

The Bomber goes with everything.  In fact its at its fashion peak when worn with something very feminine like a soft and flowy cocktail evening dress.  My ideal fashions are those that mix the hard and the soft.  The rough and the sensual, some rock and roll with a hit of girlie pop.  So what does that mean? Here are my favourite  outfit suggestions for The Bomber – one of these lives in your closet!!

  • Skinny jeans, graphic t-shirt, All Star sneakers, and of course aviator sunglasses (see featured photo – Chocolate brown pleather bomber jacket, H&M $59.95)
  • Dark or coloured skinny jeans, loose off-the-shoulder silky top, shooties (shoe+booties), and a gauzy scarf
  • Leather mini skirt, patterned tights, sheer blouse, chunky ankle boots, and a bright coloured scarf

As I said, The Bomber jacket goes with everything. Don`t be afraid to pair it with both formal and casual.


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