Flirting with Fall’s Fashions

It ‘s that time of year when the summer is slipping away and the evenings hint to the winter season approaching.  It was time to hit the mall, flirt with some of the fall fashions and slowly get acclimatized to what will be the hot items for the upcoming season.  Being Canadian and blessed with four real seasons it usually takes the full summer to get excited again about wearing patterned tights, ankle boots, cozy scarves, and woolen mini skirts.  So here I am just getting in the mood.  The right place to go was the blessing and curse that is, Yorkdale Shopping Mall.  Since the intention of this trip was just to get a taste, I decided to focus my efforts on one store – H&M.  I was bombarded with this falls must-haves – peplum, burgundy, cable knit sweaters, embellished collars, and high heeled ankle boots!  I didn’t let it get the better of me.  I decided that I was only going to purchase a few season-teasers and let the core winter wardrobe items wait.  It is still too early in the season and I like to wait for all the style-wonderdust to settle before I commit to my season’s key pieces and trends.  So what did I end up with?

1. A black briefcase style shiny bag – perfect for work and large enough to fit a tablet or small laptop, your purse essentials plus a lunch to go.  This bag is 100% synthetic and 100% chic! (H&M $34.95).

2. A fun ‘going-out’ purse great for a date or a girls night out!  Once real winter hits this purse will have to go into hibernation but can definitely take me to the end of October (colour-wise).  This purse features a camel coloured faux suede back and bright coral pleather front, a gold link strap, tassle tipped zipper, and a fold-over snap. (H&M $19.95)

3. A brown pleather bomber jacket (H&M $59.95) with a soft orange and brown floral scarf (H&M $14.95) – its all about balance, folks!

4. Two light-weight off the shoulder sweaters, one pink and one navy blue to pair with some leggings on a lazy Sunday or with skinny jeans for casual Friday.

I consider my fall fashion flirtation a success…can’t wait for the winter wardrobe run 🙂


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