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Finding the Pattern


Where is a girl to find the right pair of patterned tights?

Not just any pair, but that special pair that takes your basic argyle tights and puts them to shame. After some Internet research I discovered that selling patterned tights is simply not important enough to share with customers online….zero info available with the exception of American Apparel’s website that features ridiculous pink and orange tights that in my opinion only belong at a tight-and-bright party! So I decided to dig a little deeper.

I threw on my Uggs, my baby blue pashmina, and my cross body purse (loving the hands free way) and hit the Yonge & Eglinton area. Between Glengrove and Eglinton on Yonge street there is a great strip of boutiques worth exploring (and a ton of restaurants too but I’ll let someone else cover those). I went into several shoe stores hoping for a hosiery rack – most had one but they only carried the basic solid tights. I stopped at Lavishy (new store!) and found adorable accessories, but no tights – this store is worth its own post (stay tuned!).

After several other clothing boutiques and a couple older-woman-type stores with outfits both hideous and astronomically expensive, I happened upon a lovely little shop called “Secrets from your Sister”. It is mainly a lingerie store (they carry bras from size AAA to N!!! WOW!!!), and they also carried a beautiful and unique selection of hosiery. Among their assortment I found my first purchase of the day – black tights, solid in the back half of the leg and a lace-like pattern in the front half (Brand: Voila, Made in Italy) $21.00 later I was off and feeling pretty satisfied with my find.

I continued walking southbound and found another lingerie store called “Tres Jolie”. They carry high-end lingerie the kind of robes and lounge wear you only have the right to wear if you’re over 40, have a chaise lounge in your boudoir and own a fluffy white cat named Fru Fru. Tucked away at the back of the store was a small rack of hosiery – there I found more beautiful options, mostly Italian made. I found one pair that blew me away and made the first pair look boring – Filodoro $22.00 – featuring small feminine bows in a lacy pattern!


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