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The Debut


So I had a wedding to attend and nothing to wear…

Well technically I did have something to wear but it wasn’t new and it wasn’t perfect for the affair (and some people attending already saw it – not good!).  So I stole away to my favourite dress boutique called “Want” (Yonge and St. Clair, Toronto).  After trying on six or seven delightful options I landed on THE dress!! A silvery grey, ruched, strapless, short little number! I was in love 🙂  The only problem was…it was a little tight (ok very in some spots).  Since the next size was not available, they agreed to have it transferred from their other location (Avenue Road north of Lawrence, Toronto) for pick up in 2 days.  Sure enough, 2 days later, I got the call that my dress arrived.  I rushed back to the boutique,  I took the dress into the change room to try it on,  fully confident that it would fit like a glove when I noticed that they sent over the wrong size!

I was running out of time and patience! My usual friendly self took a quick leave of absence as I expressed my frustration to the store staff.  Having caused quite the ruckus the store manager said that if I found my way to their other location they would grant me a 15% discount on  the dress.  Pretending to still be mad, I ‘begrudgingly’ accepted the offer.  I decided to hop in a cab since a transit trip would entail a subway ride and two buses (not gonna happen!).  Before getting in I asked the driver if he accepted Interac, he confirmed, so I got in feeling good that my pretty little dress was almost in the hands of its rightful owner.  I was wrong :(.

Traffic and construction came together in symphonic brilliance causing the cab driver to weave through a long and nauseating side street route.  Fifteen minutes later, I was there…Then the cab’s Interac machine wouldn’t work and the driver proceeded to blame ME for mis-entering my information.  I allowed him to try 3 times before I stormed out of the cab saying ‘sorry this is not my problem’…BIG MISTAKE!

I slowly walked across the street not believing what I just did but too fed up to care…I turned the corner and broke into a mad dash towards to the store hoping the driver didn’t know where I went.  Unfortunately before he dropped me off I mentioned the name of the store…and he remembered.  I got into the store relieved that I ‘got away’, I spotted my dress, found the right size and dashed to the change room.  Just as I swept the curtain closed the cab driver walked into the store.  I was horrified!   The store associate, a fashion snob, came to my change room saying that a cab driver is here complaining that my credit card didn’t got through…here I am in a high-end boutique with a cab driver chasing me down for insufficient funds – SO EMBARRASSING!!

I stormed out, crossed the street, took out cash at a bank and stormed back.  I handed the driver the money showing him that there was nothing wrong with my card!  Finally back at the store I tried on the dress in my size and as predicted it fit like a glove!  FINALLY!!

I found the perfect pair of sparkly cubic zirconia studs (round solitaires framed with small cubic zirconium)…I was set!

This story inspired me to start this blog and share some more of my fashion adventures, ponderings, and suggestions.

Oh! the dress was a hit and worth all the drama!


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